Experienced Team

With over 15 years in the roofing industry Pinnacle Carpentry and Roofing offer unrivalled expertise in the installation, repair and maintenance of flat roof and pitched roof systems for both commercial and domestic clients.

Flat Roofs

Pinnacle are flat roofing specialists and are among the leading exponents of GRP roofing solutions. Typical problems that can arise on flat roofs include blistering / delamination, damage to seals / flashing and ponding (the collection of water on the roof) – a particular problem for flat roofs which can in increase the dead load weight and cause premature failure.


Pitched Roofs

When it comes to pitched roofs, when considering the use of roofing tiles it is essential that the right material is used in the right location. Inappropriate material, especially when used in repair situations, can seriously affect not only the aesthetic appearance of your property but also its potential value.

With this in mind the use of a professional installer should be regarded as of paramount importance. Whether you are repairing or replacing an existing installation, or considering a new build, you can be assured that with the experience of over 15 years in the industry Pinnacle Carpentry and Roofing have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the many choices you will have to make. A tiled roof installed by Pinnacle will be a cost effective, efficient and attractive addition to your property for many years to come.

Who we work for

Our expertise covers large commercial building projects, medium size developers as well as domestic construction and renovation projects.